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INTAX's main activity is focused on the accounting and tax advice services. In parallel, there are several services we offer, such as: tax advice; preparation of business plans and support for start-ups; audits and expert opinions; business and property evaluations; financial studies and analyzes. Due to the many components that make up the reality of companies and businesses, INTAX has the ambitious objective of intervening in the most diverse areas of its activity scope, without losing its focus on the main pillar of the company, of providing a service of accounting and tax advice of excellence.

Our team grows with the expansion of our services, and we really want to grow with you

In recent years we have developed some relationships with international clients, and we have started a series of services aimed at foreign and non-resident entrepreneurs and private individuals, with the service of tax representation, support for investments, companies or branches in Portugal of foreign companies and entrepreneurs.

We currently offer a wide range of services, to support companies and entrepreneurs, which allows a complete and centralized management of the entire financial, administrative, commercial and human resources areas of companies, allowing the creation of companies with reduced costs in their basic management services.

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We bring together expertise in a wide range of industries and business lines, with the development of specialized and individualized techniques and expertise for each sector, which allows our customers to take advantage of all these positive synergies in their productive, operational and control systems in order to achieve the best optimization of resources, expansion and growth of its business.

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